Upcycled CDs. Sun Catcher.

Upcycled CDs. Sun Catcher.

We were having a clean out of old computer stuff and were about to throw away a pile of old discs, but I decided those shinny little things must be good for something else?  So after a bit of thinking, I came up with yet another sun catcher idea.  Anyone would think I like sparkly things?  It took me ages to work out what to cover, a sphere didn’t seem practical as the CD pieces are flat obviously, so after some uhmming and arrring, I decided wooden cubes were the best solution.  The lovely man at the local hardware was kind enough to give me some 3″ x 3″ off cuts for free.  The rest of the instructions are on the pictures.  I just used clear drying craft glue to attach the CD chips to the wood and the grout is standard bathroom tile grout mixed according to instructions, available from any hardware (we had some left over from the laundry renovation).

Recycled DVD / CD Sun catcher

Recycled DVD / CD Sun catcher

Sun Catcher.  CD / DVD

Sun Catcher. CD / DVD



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  3. I tried to cut a cd and it cracked. I tried soaking in hot water and separating but it wouldnt. Tried heating with my hair dryer and the cd stuck together?
    But the woven cds great.

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