Kids in the Kitchen, Home Made Fish and Chips.

Kids in the Kitchen, Home Made Fish and Chips.

My kids love fish and chips.  But gone are the days you could feed the family from the local fish and chip shop for under $20.  So we always make our own now.  I am sure its not just me, but I hate crumbing things, fingers getting all caked up with goo.  So, outsourcing it is!  Even my 4 year old can do the whole process herself.  So while it may not be the healthiest meal (we deep fry the fish) it could certainly be a lot worse, and their sense of achievement and the skill building is totally worth the mess!

Mr9 is cooking some pinking fillets here.  He just cut them into small even sized pieces, so they should all take roughly the same time to cook through.  Flour each piece so it is dry, then dip in an egg/milk mixture before rolling in the crumbs.  You could also get the kids to make bread crumbs if you have a food processor.  We don’t, so we are just using store crumbs.

Mr9 is actually mature and coordinated enough to use the deep fry, but I am particularly paranoid about hot oil, so I took over that part of the process.





And yes, we used frozen chips, shhh, don’t tell anyone.

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