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Easy Sun Catcher, Kids Craft

Easy Sun Catcher, Kids Craft

Everyone loves a sun catcher – well according to Pinterest they do! This is basically the same concept as the Valentine Hearts  we did a few weeks back, but instead of random shapes, we used a punch to make stars and circles etc from the cellophane. Once laminated, we cut out smaller shapes and hung them from a branch with some beads.


This is yet another almost impossible thing to photograph, it looks so much more bright and colourful in real life. I don’t know why I keep doing this to myself, or maybe I just need to do a photography coarse, or even read the instructions for my DSLR…

Halloween Toddler Craft, DIY Treat Boxes

Halloween Toddler Craft, DIY Treat Boxes

I know many Australians still have not accepted Halloween, ‘it’s a silly American tradition’, even though it is not American, but anyway, they really should, because it is heaps of harmless fun and the kids love it.  Our new neighbourhood really gets into it, I think I enjoy it more than Christmas!

But of course, it’s not just about the dressing up and lollies, halloween craft is lots of fun too. Maybe it’s because I am new to it, but it seems so much more fun than Easter and Christmas craft.  Today I just did a simple project with the little kids as the older 2 were not home.  I had another idea in my head, but have decided to keep that for later in the school holidays.  I am hoping to get quite a few Halloween themed projects in over the next 2 weeks while the kids are off.

I cut out some Halloween shapes in the potatoes while Ms4 gathered the paint and plastic plates.  The boxes were just from the grocery store, but they are available at many places, $2 shops etc. We had to allow each side to dry before doing the other side, as you need to apply pressure for best results, rather than trying to stamp the assembled boxes.  Once both sides were dry we applied another coat of glitter paint, and some embellishments, again, one side at a time.  The weather was nice today so the whole project only took a couple of hours even while waiting for things to dry.


I am pretty happy with the results.  Would have liked some different coloured boxes for variety, and was disappointed we are out of black paint for the bats, but over all, not bad for an afternoons work.



Decorated Eggs, Easter Egg Dying and Decorating.

Decorated Eggs, Easter Egg Dying and Decorating.

While we did the Tie Dying, I also started experimenting with a few other methods of colouring eggs using a home made dye using ingredients that almost everyone has already in their kitchen.  These were some of the results;


These are obviously pretty straight forward.  Dyed in a food colouring/vinegar/warm water mixture.  Then a scrap booking embelishment stuck on.  Would have preferred embellishments without the clear plastic behind them, but the craft shop didn’t have any like that and you can’t really tell from a distance anyway.


I love how these turned out.  Just use leaves from the garden, lay over the eggs then cover with a stocking or pantyhose.  I actually used some stocking I had on hand and didn’t even need to ruin them in the process.  Dip dye for a few minutes and you’re done.

Crepe paper results

Crepe paper results


We actually discovered this dying method accidentally.  After we had finished the Tie Dying from a previous post, we placed the eggs on this pre shredded crepe paper.   Some of the eggs still had a bit of water in them from the boiling process, so when that ran out and wet the paper, the colour transferred onto the eggs!  So I took it a step further, wet a hand full and covered them in it.  The results are pretty cool I think!

The dying solution we used was 3 parts hot tap water to one part vinegar, with as much food colouring as you wanted, we only used about a teaspoon per large cup.

Some of the other patterns we created can be seen below.

Home Made Christmas Cards – Kids Craft

Home Made Christmas Cards – Kids Craft

Unlike most of our projects, where I get inspired by Pinterest or something else,  I actually thought this up myself!


Really easy messy fun for all ages.  Just take some coloured paper and draw some simple Christmas shapes.  If drawing is not your thing, trace around some cookie cutters.

Basic Christmas Shapes

Cover inside the outline with a thick layer of craft glue.  Smear around with a paintbrush or a finger tip if you don’t mind getting sticky.


Then sprinkle christmas theme sequins randomly over the glued area.  Try to cover the outline as much as possible too.


When you can’t see much of the paper within the shape, give it a light shake.  Then drizzle some more glue over the top to hold down any loose ones.


Allow to dry.  We left them for 24 hours.


Once dry, Use some large sharp scissors, cut around the shape.  If you can’t see the outline on the front, just follow the lines that went through the page as demonstrated above.


Once the shapes are cut out, we added some double sided mounting tape (commonly used for scrap booking) to give them a slightly more 3D effect on the card, but you could just use standard double sided tape or glue.


Position on the cards as you please, and there you have it.  Sparkly Christmas cards.  Mini ones of these would also make cute Gift Tags.  Just line the other side with another piece of paper to write on and use a hole punch to make somewhere to secure with ribbon.


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Teacher Christmas Gift ideas – part 2.

Teacher Christmas Gift ideas – part 2.

This year, with changing schools and doing my Ed support certificate, I spent a fair bit of time hassling the ladies in the school office.  They are all very lovely and didn’t mind, but I really wanted to say thank-you.  Also, there is the little 2’s day care providers.  They only go one day a week, but they are great staff, so I figure they deserve some token of our appreciation.  I originally thought of making some sweets and wrapping them up to share around the office/centre, but after Mr7’s teacher claiming the doesn’t eat chocolate, I am damaged.  So I decided to find something small, that you don’t feel obliged  to keep, but you can use and most people like – a votive seemed just perfect.   I shopped around all the cheap shops hoping to find something that was affordable without looking cheap and nasty, then went to Dusk and found 6 packs of Christmas themed votives for $16.95.  Which was about what I had budgeted for.




I grabbed a packet of Ferrero chocolates to top them off.   Then just stocked up with some Christmas ribbons and gift tags.  Not really sure what was going to work. After some trial and error, this was the finished product.




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Christmas Kids Craft, Flat Christmas Tree Decoration.

Christmas Kids Craft, Flat Christmas Tree Decoration.

Cubby house Christmas tree

So our rainy weekend craft continued into Sunday afternoon.  We started making Christmas decorations!

Materials; scrap card, and any shiny, sparkly or pretty things you have on hand!  We had a pack of Christmas themed sequins from last year that came in handy

We just used a plastic cup to trace around, leaving a small section for the top of the bauble.

Decorate the baubles

We all decorated 2 each.  Some of the decorations had sticky stuff on the back, others required glue.  The kids made sure they used 500 times more glue than they needed – as you’d expect.

Easy Christmas craft - drying

Due to excess glue, we left them over night to dry. Yes, all that white stuff is glue.

Draw half the tree

Draw half the tree

Using a large piece of card board ($1.50 from a news agent), draw the silhouette of one side the tree, starting at the top of the page to get the most out of your $1.50

Fold over and cut out the tree to create a symmetrical shape.

Fold the card over and cut along the line, so both sides are identical.

Fold in half down the centre of the tree and cut along outline, to create a symmetrical tree.  Or, if you’re not OCD about that kind of thing like me, just draw a tree and cut it out!

Place ornament around tinsel.

Loosely position everything to make sure it fits, then start sticking.  We used double sided photo mounting tape so we didn’t have to wait even longer for glue to dry.  The tinsel is stapled at each edge.

Kids craft Christmas Tree

And there you have it!

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Glitter Play Dough (Home made)

Glitter Play Dough (Home made)

After establishing my daughter has low muscle tone, it was suggested by her occupational therapist that we use play dough to warm up her hands before any writing or drawing activities.   Obviously it also has many other benefits, like fine motor, creativity, blah blah, but anyway.  After buying all the different brands and them still ending up dry and ‘ordinary’ after a week, I decided it was time I got off my little b-hind and made our own.  Unfortunately I only had blue food colouring on hand (because the kids always want some in the bath, so we go through a lot :s ) .    I chose this recipe, as it had a 5 star rating.  The only problem is I don’t have nor have ever bought cream of tartar?  So some googling suggested I could omit it for baking powder and vinegar, but the vinegar was going to mess with the liquid content and ohhh, it all seemed too hard.  So, as I do, I figured I’d just do a splash of this and a bit of that.  I used about 1 tablespoon of white vinegar and 2 tablespoons of baking soda.


What you need

I mixed all the dry ingredients with a whisk, then added the water and the rest of the wet ingredients.  It was very wet.

Wet ingredients

All mixed together.

The recipe does not actually tell you how hot to cook it, so I just went with 4, which is just below half way on my cooktop.  This worked well.


After just a few minutes it starts to thicken.

I continued working with the whisk to avoid lumps, but eventually it became too thick and was all getting stuck in the middle of the whisk.

Looking just about ready.

I’d call that done.

Soon enough, this is what we had.  I used my fingers to test (first time they came away all sticky, much like a skewer in cake) but then it was just about right.  Surprisingly even though it was still over the heat, it was not very hot to touch.

Adding glitter.

Adding glitter to the cooked dough

I added a vile of glitter, because – well why not?  I did this before the final kneading so it was well distributed.

And there you have it

And there you have it.

And here it is.  The recipe says it makes enough for 4, but I’d say its more for 2.



It turned out really smooth and soft.  As demonstrated by Mr Grubby.

Ready to store

Ready for the fridge

The recipe suggests it keeps for up to 6 months in the fridge.  I like the sound of that, I’ll be happy if it lasts 2 weeks.


playdough creations


The Aliens have landed

The recipe;

1/2 cup of salt

1 cup of plain flour (I used SR)

2 Tablespoons of Cream of Tartar (I used 1 tablespoon of white vinegar and roughly 2 tablespoons of baking soda instead)

1 cup of water

1 tablespoon of oil (I used olive oil)

Food colouring (I used a generous splash, probably 2 cap fulls)

Halloween craft for the kiddies

Halloween craft for the kiddies

Another Pinterest inspired craft activity.  Ours may not have turned out as well as theirs, but it was fun no less.  Well, if you ignore the tonne of glitter that is brightening up the garden, house and every other surface within a 1 kilometre radius.  I recommend you do this one outside!


Styrofoam balls, pipe cleaners, boogly googly eyes, pva or craft glue, black felt or card board, dress making pins to secure the wings.

Coat the balls with a thin even layer of glue using a paintbrush. Sprinkle a generous amount of glitter onto a disposable plate, roll ball until completely covered. Use a little more glue to secure eyes in desired position.

Samples of bats.