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3 Easy DIY Fancy Dress Costumes.

3 Easy DIY Fancy Dress Costumes.

It’s that time of year again mums and dads!  The painful time when your kids want to dress up as something that you can’t possibly find at a costume shop.  AKA Book Week!  This year was made extra painful by the fact I only realised at lunch time the day before, that I TOO had to dress up for work!  So I needed something we could whip up in one evening – these are the results. 

I wanted Mr9 to go as Mr Bump, but apparently he is too old for that.  So he wanted to be an MnM, even though that has nothing to do with book week… 

I needed to be able to sit and write in my costume, so a cardboard front was not going to work.  As poorly demonstrated in the photo, the body took its square shape while I held my hands up, which is all I needed for the parade part of the day. So it worked well.  I simply worked out the length I wanted it, doubled it over then brought one corner across to make a right angle triangle. Cut away the excess and the hard part is done! 

Then it was simply a case of drawing on the face and cutting a slit for the head hole. My ‘weights’ are old rope reals that we happened to have in the garage (for storing Christmas lights) and the hat was $2 from a junk shop.  

Little Miss Sunshine and the MnM are just variations of the same.  Trace a circle (work out how big you can go for the size of the costume wearer) We made a compass with ribbon and 2 pens.  Rather than painting, you could just use the correct colour card and maybe back it with some firmer cardboard, but we left this too last minute so had to paint.  The yellow craft paint required a layer of white under it as it was too transparent alone to give you that very ‘bright’ yellow that LMS required.  

We hand drew LMS facial features with pencil then went over them again with black marker.  The hair was cut from felt, but if you didn’t have any felt you could just draw the lines on for her hair (that’s all she has in the books anyway).  The plaits are 3 pieces of felt, hot glued to the back of the card.  

The MnM is much the same, but we used some templates for the facial features from this blog.  Which made life much easier.  I cut away the eye lids however and traced them back on so they were a consistent red.   Then it was just a case of fixing some straps to the back so they could be worn hands free. For this I simply attached some ribbon to the back with ample sticky tape.  Leaving a piece of ribbon hanging out the bottom, which was then stuck over the top in the opposite direction to avoid the ribbon sliding out of the tape.  The ribbons were still firmly secured at the end of the day.  

I think given more time some white gloves for each of these costumes would have finished them off nicely.  Other than that, not a bad outcome for a few hours work the night before. 🙂 


School Hair Clips and Hot Glue Burns.


So Ms5 started big school this year and she has been wearing lovely hair bows every day thanks to the wonderful All Tizzied Up.  But I figure at the rate we lose hair bands in general, she will soon be requiring more.  So I thought I’d give making some a go.


I ordered a stack of plain clips from ebay, I think it was $5 for 100 or something equally ridiculously cheap.  The ribbon was the only kind in the school colours that I could get my hands on at the local $2 shop.  The various widths limited my design options, but I am pretty happy with the results for a first attempt.


I have been warned by the pro not to get addicted! I can see how easy that might be though!  Beside the row of buttons one, they are all basically just loops or figure 8s of ribbon, glued on top of each other.  The buttons nicely cover up the mess in the middle too!  Might have to watch some tutorials on other kinds of bows when I get my hands on some more ribbon.


By the way, just in case anyone was not aware, hot glue burns like fire.  Yep, true story, just ask my finger.

Back to School – Book covering, (without the swearing)

Back to School – Book covering, (without the swearing)

This really doesn’t require a tutorial, its more of a brag than anything.  There is a certain amount of nostalgia attached to covering school books.  The smell of that fresh new paper, shiny new pencils, no dog ears, all your books neat in a row.  Then to personalise them with pretty covers and name labels.  Yes, I looooved coving my books at school – says anyone that doesn’t have school age children.  That was me too, until my eldest son started 1st grade.  BUT THE TRUTH!  The truth is, contact is the DEVIL!  Thats right folks,  he walks among us, in the shape of a cylindrical role of pretty coloured sticky plastic.   What was once a lovely memory of my own child hood, now just about brings tears to my eyes.  I do not remember it ever being to difficult!  The bubbles, THE F’N bubbles, creases, more bubbles, AHHHHHH.  OMG.  So, after 3 years of torturing myself, my partner, and my walls (things were thrown) I finally got out early enough in the back to school season to get my hands on clear plastic sleeves.  There is a God!  He was hiding at Office Works the whole time.   A few rolls of gift wrap from the $2 shop and we are set!



The boys had 20, yes, 20 writing books EACH this year.  The sleeves come in packs of 5, for around $3 a pack.  3 – 5 meter rolls of wrapping paper, $2 each at the Reject Shop. Scissors and tape.

Wrap the cover of the book just as you would with contact, but secure with sticky tape on the insides.  It took just under an hour to cover all of one child’s books.



Slide the covers over the top, and you’re done.  (please excuse the revolting nails that badly needed refilling).



No swearing, no bubbles, no torn covers, no bubbles, no books thrown, no tantrums or tears and more importantly, no bubbles.  Just lovely, shiny clean covered books, ready for the new school year.