Introducing Yllekden Willow and Rollylodge Jarah of Lamatrel Kennels Queensland


Willow was born in 2007.  She was our very first baby girl and has delighted us in so many ways.  She is loyal, brave, fantastic with children, loves swimming and the beach, and sleeping under coffee tables.  Everyone that has ever got to know her is amazed by her placid temperament and easy going nature.  She is never in your face, she does not beg for food while you eat, never barks for no reason, doesn’t drool, comes when she is called, over all a dream pooch.  I wish we could clone her.


Jarah was born in 2010, but came to us early 2011.  He is the complete opposite of Willow, quite boisterous, likes to know what is going on, very protective, playful, and a little bit sneaky.  He loves his food and loves the ladies.  We are hoping to have a litter from these 2 late 2013.

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