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Pom Pom Easter Wreath

Pom Pom Easter Wreath

The girls at All Tizzies Up do love a pom pom or 700!  Here is a simple easter wreath they put together using basic craft materials and a pile of pom poms!




Make Your Own Easter Head Bands


The girls at All Tizzied Up had a busy weekend doing Easter craft. Their first creations were these cute little hand made head bands.

Mum has taken step by step photos that do all the explaining themselves.




Make Your Own Bottle Top Stamps


Here’s a super quick and easy activity to put together to keep your toddlers and preschoolers entertained.  All you need is some bottle caps and foam stickers (available from most $2 shops and craft stores). If you don’t have a stamp pad, you can spread out a thin layer of paint on a plate or add a few drops of water to a water colour tray like we have.  



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Cardboard Roll Easter Chicks – Kids Easter Craft.

Cardboard Roll Easter Chicks – Kids Easter Craft.

I’d like to say I came up with this all on my own, but that would be a lie.  Ms5 and I made some owls inspired by this post from   Kerrys Craft Blog.  It was from this concept that I came up with these easter Chicks.  I thought the fact you can hold eggs or treats in them was ideal for an easter craft project.



All you need is some coloured paper, cardboard rolls, tape and glue.  You can make them just as cute without the feathers, goggly eyes and pipe cleaners, but if you have some of those handy, you could use them like we did too.   The main difference between these and the owls is that the top and bottom folds are in opposite directions to each other, so the head comes to a peak in the middle rather than making two ears like the owls have.  The rest of the instructions can be found by running your curser over or clicking on the photos below.



Looming Up A Storm – Our Rainbow Loom Gallery


If you have kids over the age of about 4 and you have not yet discovered Rainbow Loom, I highly recommend getting yourself… I mean THEM some.  Even the boys in my house get into it.  I won’t bother doing any tutorials because there is thousands out there already, check out youtube for videos on just about anything you can think of.  We just make bracelets mainly, but you can make charms, pencil grips, animals, flowers, heaps of different things.



It will keep the kids entertained for hours.  You can pick up small bags of bands from cheap shops, or bags of 600 bands from spotlight or ebay for around $5.  Each bracelet requires 80 to 100 bands, so while 600 might sound like a lot, you’ll go through them quickly once you get addicted!

Here is a few of our creations.


School Hair Clips and Hot Glue Burns.


So Ms5 started big school this year and she has been wearing lovely hair bows every day thanks to the wonderful All Tizzied Up.  But I figure at the rate we lose hair bands in general, she will soon be requiring more.  So I thought I’d give making some a go.


I ordered a stack of plain clips from ebay, I think it was $5 for 100 or something equally ridiculously cheap.  The ribbon was the only kind in the school colours that I could get my hands on at the local $2 shop.  The various widths limited my design options, but I am pretty happy with the results for a first attempt.


I have been warned by the pro not to get addicted! I can see how easy that might be though!  Beside the row of buttons one, they are all basically just loops or figure 8s of ribbon, glued on top of each other.  The buttons nicely cover up the mess in the middle too!  Might have to watch some tutorials on other kinds of bows when I get my hands on some more ribbon.


By the way, just in case anyone was not aware, hot glue burns like fire.  Yep, true story, just ask my finger.