Easy DIY Christmas Table Centrepiece

Easy DIY Christmas Table Centrepiece

These were so quick and easy to make and I could not be happier with the results.



I picked up this wool a while back with nothing particular in mind, I just loved the colours.  The styrofoam tree shapes are available just about anywhere at this time of year.  These came from a $2 shop.  However, there’s no reason you couldn’t just make a cone shape from cardboard and achieve similar results.


I tied a tight knot in one end to stop fraying, then pushed through the wool and down into the middle of the cone.  Then gently began wrapping the knit around the top of the cone, before fastening again a few rows down so that it doesn’t spin off.  Continue down the full length of the cone until you reach the bottom.  Cut with enough room left over to tie another knot, then secure with a 3rd pin.  Done!


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