Peg Angels Quick Toddler Christmas Craft Activity

Peg Angels Quick Toddler Christmas Craft Activity

Check out these cute little Christmas Angels Miss4 and I put to gather today.  The best part? The whole kit, with everything except glue – $2 from Kmart.  Win.



Ok ok, they have no arms, but who cares! We used hot glue to stick on the hair and faces, because hot glue rules the craft world (and I didn’t have time to PVA to dry).  The project is not something Miss4 could have done on her own, but it was quick, simple fun and the results are pretty cute.  She has been playing with them throughout the day and they have not fallen apart yet!

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If you didn’t have access to a Kmart, the kit is made up of 4 old style wooden pegs, 4 paper doilies, wool, gold string and some pre cut wings.  All things that are easy to get your hands on from a craft of $2 shop.



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