DIY Wind Chime, Candelabra/Sun Catcher.

DIY Wind Chime, Candelabra/Sun Catcher.

I dragged the kids to the $2 shop to stock up on some supplies for other projects, and came across these cute little glass bottles.  I had to have them.  And I had to use them right now!  So much for Halloween craft this week! lol.


I didn’t have a small enough pre made wreath wring to use as the frame, so I just used some gardening wire and platted it loosely along with a piece of twine.  I like the rough look it gave and thought it fit well with the theme.  The little glass balls were another score from the junk shop, they are actually part of a floating candle set, but I had bigger ideas.  I love those old glass buoys as decorations so I figured these could be made into mini ones.  I slightly filled the little jars with some crushed crystal beads I bought off eBay years ago, just to add some colour, then tied them all up.  Originally I was going to position each one, stepping them down as I went, but as they were all different heights and widths, it just didn’t give a worthwhile effect.  So I just tied them randomly, but so they would still hit each other to make a noise in the wind.   The candle holder in the middle was a last minute decision, I just thought it was missing something, and that finished it off perfectly.  To be honest, I wouldn’t leave the candle lit unattended, as those strings are flammable, maybe a battery operated tea-light would be a better idea.

Anyway, I am pretty happy with it.  I think I will do it again, after I collect some larger bottles to hold more candles.  Create something a little different again, and probably use wire to hang them next time.


The finished product

The finished product

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