Spooky Halloween Doorway Hanging.

Spooky Halloween Doorway Hanging.

I saw some similar ghosts on Pinterest and thought we’d give them a go.  We made them earlier in the week, but it took me a few days to decide what to do with them.  A door hanging seemed perfect!


The cheese cloth/white gauze was from Spotlight and only $2 per meter.  We used 2 meters for the 18 ghosts.  Each ghost needed 2 layers, as the cloth is quite transparent.  After I cut out the squares, Ms4 put the ghosts together.  Some how I have lost the photos of this step.

For the larger ghosts, we used eyes with backs on them, like you’d use making softies or teddies.  The spike on the back worked well to hold the cheese cloth in place too.  For the smaller ones we just glued on googley eyes with craft glue.  I had intended to make some bats and spiders to add as well, but when I laid out the ghosts, they covered the area better than expected.  Plus I have so many projects on the go at the moment, I thought I best actually get one finished.  We did add some plastic spiders for effect.  Using the longest needle I owned (which really needed to be another 2cm longer) I threaded each item onto 4 separate strings.  I used doubled over crochet cotton as it was the most appropriately coloured thing I had on hand.  Fishing line tends to get tangled too easy, so I avoided it this time. I attached the strings to a rod we had in the shed, but any stick would have been fine.  And there you have it.  As with most of my projects lately, they are really hard to take photos of!  Hopefully you get the idea!

If you’d like to see more family craft activities, please follow this blog and Pinterest!


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