Christmas Decorations, Easy Toddler Activity

Christmas Decorations, Easy Toddler Activity

These really are too easy and turned out so well!  I will be using this concept for some other projects as soon as more cookie cutters arrive.


We used a tupperware baking sheet under them, but I think any flexible non stick surface would do, (baking paper).  Simply fill some metal or oven proof cookie cutters or moulds roughly 2 layers deep, and bake at around 180c.  Keep an eye on them until they are all melted.  The plastic beads we used did not emit any nasty smell and did not burn, even when I got impatient and turned the over up to 200c, however, make sure the area is well ventilated just to be on the safe side.


Try to pile the beads up in the middle slightly, but only leave them 1 high at the edges, to avoid any bits sticking to the sides higher than other areas (you can see where this happened on the small man) Once cooled, remove the cutter and there you have it.  I ran cool water over them to cool them a bit faster and this didn’t damage the shiny finish at all.

The husband drilled some holes in the top for string, and there you have it.


We will make a stack of smaller Christmas coloured ones for the trees next year.

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    • If they are metal, they will be fine. If they are plastic, I would not risk it. If they are silicone, they should have a temperature rating on them, or the oven symbol. Some silicone is only freezer safe, so be careful with that one (learnt that the hard way!).

  1. Found your blog on Pinterest! Too bad I didn’t catch you in time to do all the awesome Christmas activities but they’ll go on my list for next year. Going to make some sun catchers with my three year old this afternoon- so excited! Thanks for the great ideas!

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  4. hello I’m buying beads ironing. you risk nothing by breathing vapors with children? and after you can make cookies with these same molds? thank you

    • I wouldn’t say you risk nothing. Make sure you do it in a well ventilated room. You can use the cutters to cut cookies again after. The plastic should come right away from them once it has cooled.

  5. Great ideas for my granddaughters. But for the beaded ornaments what type of beads do you use and where do you purchase them?

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