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Memory Wire Bracelets, School holiday and Toddler Activity

Memory Wire Bracelets, School holiday and Toddler Activity

Beading is hardly new as a way to entertain the kids and improve fine motor skills, but I have never let them try it with memory wire before.  For those who don’t know what that is, Memory wire is tempered wire that “remembers” its shape and retains its coiled form.  You can pick it up really cheap on ebay and then just cut to desired length as required.  Due to the fact its wire rather than thread, it also makes it much easier for the little ones to get the beads on.




Once cut to length, just turn the end over with some needle nose pliers into a loop big enough that it wont allow your chosen beads to slip over, or in the case of really big beads, as I have done above, making sure no sharp ends will dig into their little arms.

The kids just made single loops today.  Mr 7 experimented with patterns and Miss 4 went random.




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