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Mexican Fiesta Kids Birthday Party.

Mexican Fiesta Kids Birthday Party.

As kids get older, it becomes harder and harder to think of party ideas.  But my darling niece, a girl after my own heart, decided she wanted a Mexican theme for her 10th birthday party.  Now that is my kind of party!  I couldn’t wait to help out!

Due to not getting the guests approval to post their photos, I have left out the games.  There was however,

  • Best dressed senorita
  • Pin the moustache on the donkey
  • Donut eating competition
  • Dance off
  • Limbo

And that was plenty of entertainment for 2 hours.  The make your own taco bar was a hit, with everyone going back for seconds.

The bold colours associated with the theme made it really easy to decorate.  Reds, yellows and green for plates and cutlery, and of course colour coded jelly cups!  They always last about 10 seconds.  My sister managed to pick up heaps of cool sombrero, cactus, donkey etc, cut outs from $2 shops which finished off the decorating nicely.  The ‘jumping bean juice’ are just cheap soft drinks, I created the labels in word, printed and covered with some cheap contact while they were still warm (so the contact actually stuck).  Slow cooking the meat over night also meant less prepping before the party in the morning.  I can take no credit for the cake though, that was the work of the birthday girls mother,  who really needs to update her blog.

Mexican Fiesta

So, in conclusion, heaps of fun, pretty easy to put together, and appropriate for all ages.  Hope my kids want to do the same, mmmmmm, guacamole…