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The New House – Part 1

The New House – Part 1

I had a long list of ‘must haves’ when it came to buying this house.  One of which was a decent laundry.  Out of the last 5 houses we had lived in, there was never a bench and I was over the moon actually, to even have a cupboard – lets not even talk about the ones that were part of the garage.  As with just about every other person in the world, I HATE doing the laundry.  So as much as I was looking forward to decorating the rest of the house, I decided to make the laundry as user friendly as possible first.

The blank canvas.

Notice the… nothingness. Oh, but there is space!!!!

We made some measurements to allow for a front loader washer and freezer to optimise bench space.  Took the measurements to Masters and designed the laundry.  At the last minute I decided against a bench the full length of the room and swapped that out for a broom cupboard.  So happy I did this, it fits all the mops, brooms, steam mop, fold away clothes horse, ironing board, all of which I hadn’t actually thought about before!  The existing dryer bracket was in a really bad spot, that meant you couldn’t really lean into the sink.  That, and the door on the washer and dryer opened in opposite directions but were also offset, made it really awkward to transfer loads from one to the other – so I moved it right over to beside the broom cupboard.  This also made fitting over head cupboards within the left over space easier.

At the last minute I decided to sacrifice some bench space for a broom cupboard – it was a good choice!

And finally the finished product.  You can really notice in the bottom photo the difference in tiles, unfortunately we looked everywhere and this was the closest match to the existing tiles.  In real life you can’t actually see the difference though – it was not worth potentially re-plastering the wall to replace the lot.   The colour is actually the same to the naked eye, its just the ripple is slightly different which catches the light differently at this camera angle.  We put the Dyson hand held into one of the over heads and ran the cord out to the plug, to keep things tidy.  A little basket for odds and ends (random pegs and coins found in pockets etc) a nice lush ever green by the window and some artificial succulents to brighten the room  – couldn’t be happier!


The cat also has its litter box in the laundry, so it seemed like the logical place to put in a cat door.  There is also a small fold away line  again from Ikea.  Positioned right by the door to hang delicates and my beloved Enjo products that can’t go in the dryer.  I will probably hand a sheer curtain up at some point, but I am willing to wait until I find a good match in a bargain bin, rather than spending $150 on something I don’t really need.

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The New house – part 2.

The New house – part 2.

The ‘baby’s’ room.  Ok ok, he is not a ‘baaaabeeee’ anymore, but he is MY baby, dag nabbit!  So he will be a baby for ever more… until there is another baby.  I am after all, still ‘the baby’ to my parents, even as I head into my very very late… 20s.

So, along my life journey I met the wonderful Krystal .  When I say ‘met’ I mean, well, we became mutual internet stalkers of each other… or something like that.  Anyway, that’s not really relevant.  What IS important is that she introduced me to green.  Not just any green, because lets be honest, everyone loves green.  But Kermit, ZOMG, holy shizit that is bright GREEN green.  At first I was like ‘whhhhhhaaat you talking bout Willis?’ and then it hit me.  For months I dreamed of it, how much I wanted it, how it was totally going to work… I HAD to have it.

So, when we moved into our new house, where every child had their own room, I decided to start  my bedroom decorating adventure with the Eli’s room.  The only child that could verbalise no preference.  *Evil grin*.

Elis room is actually a study, so has no built in cupboards.  Thankfully he is impartial to hanging his clothes up, so its not a huge problem.  His window is set within an alcove at the entrance, so the room does not receive a lot of natural light, especially in the afternoon when the sun is on the other side of the house.  Another reason I think the super bright colour is great.

This is a before photo taken in the morning.

We already had most of the furniture for his room, including a big bed.  So part of this project was also to see that he progressed out of the cot by the end.

We had already put the dragon light up – because I am impatient like that.

So, a morning of cleaning walls and with the help of my parents, we had the room painted in a day.  By the way, I am THE worst painter in the world according to my father.  Am I?  Or was that all part of my evil plan to get him to take over?  Maybe we will never know, mwahahhahhaa.  Unfortunately due to a iPhoto malfunction, I have lost all progression photos.  Hopefully I will be able to recover them some day and add.  Anyway, the finished product;

Crocodile mirror from Ikea

To complete the room I need to replace the fan with something more modern and sleek.  Once all kids rooms are done, we will be replacing all carpet.  It really feels ‘unfinished’ without the carpet done, but there is no point doing one room at a time, nor is there any point replacing carpet before we have finished painting.  Hopefully it will be done within the next 6 or so months though, then I will update!  Oh, and I am still looking for the perfect rug for the floor.  I want something that contains the right colours, but apparently it does not exists.  So for now, he is just using a red one we already head.

*For where everything was purchased, see individual photos.

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