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Elephant Softie – Rainy Day Activity

Elephant Softie – Rainy Day Activity

I dont know if I have ever mentioned here before my love of elephants?  Anyway, I think they are very awesome animals, and elephant toys are the cutest.  I actually made this a while ago, but never got around to blogging about it.  I have been soooo slack this school holidays, so this is my token effort for the week.

I just googled elephant softie pattern until I found something that looked simple enough.  I copied the image, pasted into a word doc and blew up as big as I could.  Printed it out and stuck it all together again!


The kids helped cut out all the pieces, pin them to the fabric and cut out the fabric.  Then it was sewing time.

I really didn’t take enough photos through this process, but it was all very straight forward.  The line across the middle is the piece you need to make for the inside of the legs.  You can see this piece folded over in the image below.



Now here is a hint – make sure you put the eyes on BEFORE you finish sewing it.  Because this little guy is now getting around the house blind, as I couldn’t put the backs on his eyes!

Anyway, we love the little blind guy. I want to make a whole herd!

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