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Sweet Christmas Treats – Mars Bar Crackles.

Sweet Christmas Treats – Mars Bar Crackles.

These are a really easy alternate to the traditional chocolate crackles. They are not as sickly sweet either, so adults can enjoy them.


All you need is 2 table spoons of cream (some recipes say thin cream, but either works) 200 or more grams of Mars Bars  Rice bubbles (home brand will be fine) and thats it.  I also add chocolate drops and coconut for some different textures, but that is not at all necessary.


Break up the bars and add the cream (I also added coconut at this stage).  Microwave in 30 second bursts, stirring at each interval to avoid hot spots (burnt chocolate).  Once its all runny, you can either add the rice bubbles directly, or poor into another bowl that has the rice bubbles in it.  This actually works better as its easier to distribute and you don’t end up with a heap of chocolate stuck to the bottom of the bowl.

Allow to cool slightly (you can put it in the fridge) so that you can roll the mix into balls.  When its hot its just too sticky and you can’t get it off your hands.  If you are going to add extra chocolate drops, do it when the mixture is cooler so they don’t melt.



Christmas Gift idea – Teachers gifts.

Christmas Gift idea – Teachers gifts.

As it turns out, on of my sons teachers does not drink alcohol, so my fall back gift of a nice bottle of wine or spirits at the end of the year was ruined.   Buying an actual gift for someone you know very little about, have never seen inside of their house to understand their taste, I find really really hard.   I stumbled across these nifty little things at House

I grabbed 3 different colours as my eldest son has 2 teachers.  Woolworths just happened to have Cadbury Favourites  and Lindt Lindors half price!  So I stocked up on those and away we went.


We filled them almost to the top with chocolates, then wrapped in cellophane



finished off with some ribbon and a bauble.

Then my son comes home and informs me that she doesn’t eat chocolate either…   So we are back to square one for her!