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Kids in the Kitchen, Egg Bread (French Toast)

Kids in the Kitchen, Egg Bread (French Toast)

Here is another super simple meal idea that the kids can cook themselves.  Most people would consider it a breakfast dish, but we have had it as dinner on busy nights or when  we don’t feel like a huge meal.

All you need is fresh bread, lots of eggs (roughly 2 per person) dash of milk, butter or oil for the fry pan and what ever your desired sauce might be.  BBQ, tomato, maple syrup and bacon!


In a flat bottom bowl, whisk the eggs with a dash of milk, soak the bread for a few seconds each side, then place into a hot oiled pan.  Flip once the underside has started to brown and repeat.  Easy as that!

* You don’t actually need to use milk, but I find it helps the egg soak into the bread quicker.