Heart Garland, Valentines Craft Project

Heart Garland, Valentines Craft Project

Valentines day is not a huge thing here in Australia, like Halloween (we obviously don’t have Thanksgiving or 4th of July celbertons either) but it is one bandwagon I am willing to get on for the craft side of things at least.  Also willing to accept all donations of fine jewellery and flowers, lol.




I originally wanted to make these 3D, but I couldn’t work out what to use as a frame for them that could be removed late (like a balloon), so I just went with flat ones.

The whole things was a bit of an experiment for me too, as I have never played with liquid starch before (took me 6 months to even find it).  The white ones I just used straight starch, and the red ones I used a corn flour and starch mix, roughly 50/50, with a dash of food colouring.  The ones with the corn starch turned out much firmer, but the white ones were still firm enough to work with.  Once completely dry, I traced out heart shapes with a black marker using cookie cutters.  Cut the shapes out with sharp scissors and threaded them up – ready to hang.

heart garland


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