Pine Cone Christmas Tree Decorations

Pine Cone Christmas Tree Decorations

Yep, it’s that time of year again kids.  I can deny it all I like, but that doesn’t help at all.  I am disgustingly unprepared this year, but don’t really have the time to care, I am sure I will pull it all together in time.  I do however, have time to think about some Christmas projects, YAY!   So this very simple Idea should have probably taken a single afternoon, but things have been so hectic around here lately it took several afternoons over a week.  It didn’t really turn out as well as I had imagined, but they are still pretty cute, and we have plenty of left over cones to make something else out of when inspiration hits me.



The shaggy wool (I’m sure it has a real name) was $2 a ball.  There was wayyyy more than we needed in each colour.  I just used cheap spray paint, Mr 8 did the first few coats then I went back and got the bits he missed.  I tried sticking on some plastic ‘diamonds’ for extra sparkle, but you can’t really see them. We all had a go at wrapping the wool into the cone, then I gave them a hair cut to tidy them up.  Simple as that!


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  1. Woah! That’s really creative! I’ve only ever seen people pain pinecones but putting the ‘shaggy wool’ gives it a nice christmassy feel!

    • Thanks! I was hoping it would fill in the gaps a bit more than it did, but each new layer just pushed down the previous layer of ‘shag’. It’s hard when you have an image in your head and it just doesn’t turn out the same!

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