DIY Heart Shaped Christmas Wreath

DIY Heart Shaped Christmas Wreath

I actually started today out with the intention of making some bell tree ornaments, but the bells I had were too big.  I then attempted another type of wreath and it was a big fat fail too.  So after a few hours of feeling sorry for myself, I decided to make a different kind of wreath using the same principle as the bauble tree I made last year.

Run your cursor over or click each image for step by step instructions.

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  1. I wish you had said HOW LONG it would take to melt these beads. It has. Now been close to an hour… They STILL are not melted! What am I doing wrong?… Or is THAT HOW LONG they take ?

      • I turned up the oven again and then again…eventually Up to 400 degrees! It FINALLY melted after an hour and a half! ( I have an oven thermometer so I know it’s accurate… I Just cooked turkey for a Thanksgiving)….I think that maybe we put too many beads in the cookie cutter… Your directions are somewhat contradictory: “fill the cookie cutter with beads”, and also: “only make the edges one bead deep”…..How is this possible?
        So, I believe my ornaments are a LOT thicker than they should be! We are going to try thus again! 🙂
        Also: we used some metallic beads….silver and gold…..They NEVER even softened! We will stick to red and green this time for all of them… No metallic!
        TY so much for getting back to me so quickly!!!!! Merry Christmas!!!!

      • Ugh!!!! I JUST realized you had 180 CENTIGRADE, not FAHRENHEIT For the oven temp! No wonder they weren’t melting!!!! :((((

      • Thanks for the feedback. I have just edited with another C so hopefully no one else will get caught. I’m Australian, we don’t use F! With the height, the reason I suggest only going one high on the outside is because if you have 2, when they melt down it can leave little sharp pointy bits where some of the bead sticks to the cutter. I have amended the description slightly so as to not contradict myself. Very interesting about the metallic beads! I have never tried them, but I know glitter ones work fine. 🙂

      • I also forget that most of the world uses C, not F!!!! I also had trouble with the melting plastic leaking out from UNDER the cookie cutter… Have you had that happen? I am using a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper…
        I did have a few cookie cutters that I had to throw out with the melted beads inside. I just could not get the ornament out! Should I be greasing the cookie cutter with something before adding the beads?

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