Spooky Tea-Light Holder, Quick Halloween Craft

Spooky Tea-Light Holder, Quick Halloween Craft

This was really easy and looks really cool in the dark. As with everything I do lately though, it was almost impossible to take a photo of.

The glass pot was from the $2 shop, but you could use any kind of glass jar.  I just liked the shape of this so grabbed it.  I painted the inside with some orange craft paint, which in hindsight was a bit silly, I should have painted the outside so it was not so close to the flame.  I drew the outline of the tree and some bats with permanent marker then Mr8 filled in the rest.  Scratched away the paint from behind the eyes and there you have it.  If halloween had not snuck up on me so quickly, I would have done a bunch in different shapes and sizes, but alas, it is tomorrow and I have no time left.

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