DIY Halloween Wreath.

DIY Halloween Wreath.

There is lots of variations of this all over Pinterest, but I thought I’d have a go myself.   I was excited to see a decent range of Halloween themed fabric in Spotlight this year, which made choosing my materials easy.   I bought 40cm of each one, figuring 20cm strips would be sufficient.  The ring was a pre-made one from there as well.  Around $4.


I cut the fabric into 2x 20cm wide strips, then cut those large strips into roughly inch wide strips.  I was not too fussed about them all being perfect, as the over all results I was going for was messy anyway.  Then the tying on.  I finished the whole thing in the car on a day trip to the city and back, so just over an hour.  I think the cutting into strips actually took longer than that!

Not far into it, I realised I had made my strips way too short for the size of the loop, it just looked too sparse.  But they were already cut, so I decided to continue on then just cut the hoop smaller later.  That solved the problem just nicely!  The witch hat was a last minute addition, it was actually part of a  halloween headband, again from Spot Light, I just chopped off the headband.   The kids helped paint the wooden letters and I glued them onto the most appropriate coloured ribbon I had on hand.  Done.



I didn’t take a photo of it against our door, because the Kookaburras, white timber and glass just didn’t quite work!


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