Bubble Painting Easter Garland, Toddler Craft Activity

Bubble Painting Easter Garland, Toddler Craft Activity

Bubble painting is nothing new for toddlers and preschoolers, but we have never done it at home and I thought it would create a cute finish for some paper eggs.


Most people will have all this stuff lying around the house, so its a cheap activity too.  Dish washing liquid, food colouring, drinking straws, paper (in this case egg shapes) a bowl and a splash of water. I just Google Image searched ‘easter eggs’ and found some egg shapes, copied into Word, adjusted the size and printed.  Could have drawn them myself, but I was being lazy.  The bigger 2 kids helped cut some out and I cut out the rest. The mixture is equal parts water, food colouring and detergent, you can use more water, but the less you use the more vibrant colours are achieved. Then the fun begins!

Yellow bubbles.

Yellow bubbles.

Simply blow the bubbles so they rise well above the sides of the bowl then place the paper flat on top.  You may need to tip your bowl slightly to keep the straw submerged.  Be sure to place the paper as quickly as possible.  The bubbles will actually last quite a while if untouched, but the colour drops to the bottom quickly, so the longer you wait the less colour will transfer to the paper.

Samples of our creations.

Samples of our creations.

Once dried (on a dry day they would only take a few minutes to dry, but due to never ending rain in Sunny Queensland, they took a lot longer) we attempted to punch holes in the top to string them up with, but due to the moisture in the air, the paper just can’t get crisp enough to punch as such, so we stuck small sections of straw to the back with sticky tape.  This actually worked out really well, as it meant they face forwards rather than side ways all the time.  We used some more coloured straws (cut into 3rds) to space the eggs out then alternated sizes along the way.


And there you have it.  Its hard to take a photo of, but its really pretty.  Currently hanging in the hallway.  If the sun ever comes out again, I will take a photo of it in natural light to bring out the colours better.


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