Back to School – Book covering, (without the swearing)

Back to School – Book covering, (without the swearing)

This really doesn’t require a tutorial, its more of a brag than anything.  There is a certain amount of nostalgia attached to covering school books.  The smell of that fresh new paper, shiny new pencils, no dog ears, all your books neat in a row.  Then to personalise them with pretty covers and name labels.  Yes, I looooved coving my books at school – says anyone that doesn’t have school age children.  That was me too, until my eldest son started 1st grade.  BUT THE TRUTH!  The truth is, contact is the DEVIL!  Thats right folks,  he walks among us, in the shape of a cylindrical role of pretty coloured sticky plastic.   What was once a lovely memory of my own child hood, now just about brings tears to my eyes.  I do not remember it ever being to difficult!  The bubbles, THE F’N bubbles, creases, more bubbles, AHHHHHH.  OMG.  So, after 3 years of torturing myself, my partner, and my walls (things were thrown) I finally got out early enough in the back to school season to get my hands on clear plastic sleeves.  There is a God!  He was hiding at Office Works the whole time.   A few rolls of gift wrap from the $2 shop and we are set!



The boys had 20, yes, 20 writing books EACH this year.  The sleeves come in packs of 5, for around $3 a pack.  3 – 5 meter rolls of wrapping paper, $2 each at the Reject Shop. Scissors and tape.

Wrap the cover of the book just as you would with contact, but secure with sticky tape on the insides.  It took just under an hour to cover all of one child’s books.



Slide the covers over the top, and you’re done.  (please excuse the revolting nails that badly needed refilling).



No swearing, no bubbles, no torn covers, no bubbles, no books thrown, no tantrums or tears and more importantly, no bubbles.  Just lovely, shiny clean covered books, ready for the new school year.


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