Giraffe Softie – Or at least some kind of long necked creature.

Giraffe Softie – Or at least some kind of long necked creature.

Here is another.  Because I had worked out the way to do the leg insert from the elephant.  I figured I’d give it a go free hand.




Cut out both sides and the leg insert.  Plus a leaf shape for the head insert to create a 3rd dimension.



I started sewing from under the chin and worked my way around leaving the neck open to add the mane, ears and antlers and of course stuff the body.  The mane needs to be put in before turning it inside out.  It was a little fiddly, but I am happy with the results.   I stuffed the antlers to  make them stand up on their own.   You can see below where I have sewn the head pieces together with the antler (in red) on the inside, so its positioned correctly when turned in the right way.

IMG_0373There ended up being a lot going on in the head area.  This would have been easier had I made the head bigger.  He would have also ended up with a more realistic length nose!  We live and learn.


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