Easy Christmas Craft – Mini Christmas Trees

Easy Christmas Craft –  Mini Christmas Trees

Inspiration for this idea came from something I saw at Spotlight.  They used buttons though, which looked good, but buying enough buttons for the project would have blown the budget.  I can’t believe how expensive those things are?

Anyway, What you need.

styrofoam tree shapes, sewing pins, aluminium foil, sequins and sticky tape.

Spotlight also didn’t have any of the cone shape styrofoam in stock, so I bought that from Riot Art and Craft.   They are available in different sizes, I just chose 3 small ones to avoid arguments.

Wrap the foil around the cone and secure with clear tape.  I crumpled up a ball of foil before spreading it out on one, to create a more rippled affect.  I actually prefer how that one turned out.

Once you have the foil secured and are happy with the finish, start placing the pins!  Be careful when working at the top of the cone to point them down towards the bottom as you insert, so you don’t go straight through and poke yourself on the other side.  The kids managed this fine, even Miss 3.  We only had one ouchy, and that was actually me!

Thread sequins onto pin and insert.

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