Easy Toddler Craft – Leaf Animals.

Easy Toddler Craft – Leaf Animals.

Inspired by ABC Play School.  Today we made leaf animal pictures.  It was super easy with minimal mess.

Cutting the leaves for the project

Layla cuts some leaves off our pot plant

DD3 cuts some leaves from our garden.

Leaf pictures

What you need.

What you will need;  Some coloured paper, leaves, marker pens, craft glue and scissors (craft eyes optional)

Leaf pictures

Draw some simple animals to add the leaves too, like this bird.

Draw the outline of some simple shapes on the paper using your makers.

Toddler leaf pictures

Glue on the best shaped leaf for the job!

Start gluing on the leaves that best suit the picture.

Toddler leaf craft

We used the same leaf configuration each time to finish off this bird.

We used the tips of a China doll branch to create this picture.

Toddler leaf craft

Adding the finishing touches.

Adding some boggle eyes, because every kids loves those (ok, and maybe I do too)

Toddler craft leaf bird

One of my favourites

Some of the finished products

The finished products

The finished masterpieces, drying on a flat surface.

Hanging toddler craft

All dried and ready for display.

All dry and ready to display.

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