Snake Softie – a rainy Sunday activity.

Snake Softie – a rainy Sunday activity.

Snake softie
So my scrap material collection is looking quite impressive at the moment, I thought I’d give another softie a whirl.  I was ready to make an owl or elephant, but DS talked me into a snake.  That sounded easy enough to make with no pattern.  We discussed how big he would like it and he picked out the colours (to match the colours in his room).

I free hand drew a template for the top ‘scales’ panel of the snake.


Then, with a bit of fiddling around, joined them together, flat edge to flat edge to make the top part of the snake – less the head;


Sewing along the flat side between each section (I only picked the wrong side once, lol)



Make the last panel only a half panel, so the head will eventually be facing forward.  Once sewn, iron flat.  Then lay on chosen fabric for underside of snake.  Trace around the edge to make it the same size.  I drew the underside of the head in at this point too.


For the top part of the head, I cut out and extra diomand shape, cut a slit into the centre of the head, and sewed the diamond in, to create a 3rd dimension.  Don’t forget to add the eyes BEFORE you start stuffing.   Hand stitch along the back of the neck (you can use this opportunity to tuck in and create a bend in the neck too if you like.


Really need to invest in a fabric pencil, to avoid those black lines! lol.


He’s a bit funny looking, but not too bad for a slap together job.  DS thinks he is great, even with his crazy eyes.


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