School Holiday Entertainment, Snappy Peg Animals.

School Holiday Entertainment, Snappy Peg Animals.

School holidays entertainment

As we were planning on spending most of the holidays at home, I made it my challenge to do craft and spring cleaning to fill in the days. Todays project was inspired by Pinterest – well actually, most of them are these days.

coloured card, scissors, black marker pen, pegs (wooden pegs would have been better, but this is all I had on hand) strong glue and some boogly eyes.

Halloween inspired ghost.

Keep the shapes simple so they are easy to cut out.

Pretty self explanatory.

Once you have cut out the shapes, cut down the middle, starting from the mouth.   Run a line of glue along the peg while closed and position animal with its mouth closed, being careful not to glue it shut.  Glue eye in desired place.  Allow to dry – and there you have it!  So quick and easy I am surprised I have not seen them on Mister Maker!

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